Best Fitness Equipment to Enhance a Water Workout

The weather is heating up and that means it’s swimsuit season! But that also means the Arizona heat makes some of those outdoor fitness activities that keep people “lean and mean” such as hiking, biking, and jogging a lot more unbearable. That’s why Aquaman Pools suggests making a splash this summer by toning up in the swimming pool! Water provides an excellent natural form of resistance while also serving as a cool place to exercise outdoors in the spring and summer heat. But why not take that workout to the next level with some fitness equipment designed specifically for the water?

Just a quick search for water fitness equipment on Amazon results in a wide array of products that are designed to take any aquatic workout to the next level. For example, water weights are among the site’s best sellers in this category. Typically made of foam, aquatic dumbbells provide flotation support while also building upper body strength as they provide resistance under water. Fitness “bars” as well as wrist and ankle water weights are another popular item in this category and provide similar resistance in addition to the water’s natural resistance.

Another popular search seems to be for a water jogger belt. Touted as a tool to help prepare athletes for cross-training, the belt helps suspend the body vertically while “jogging” across the pool — an ideal low-impact workout. For those that love a group workout but want to get the same results and motivation at home, water aerobics CDs and digital apps are another resource to guide exercisers through a low-impact cardio class in one’s own pool.

A simple kickboard is another great (and let’s face it, fun) way to get a great workout for that lower body. A kickboard also offers balance and support while doing core exercises. Speaking of fun, adding a volleyball net or basketball hoop is another great way to integrate activity and exercise into the pool while also getting the family together for some quality time.

Aquaman Pools encourages fitness lovers to take a dip into the world of water workouts, especially during the hot summer months. However, it’s still crucial to practice exercise safety including staying hydrated. Even though the workout takes place in the water, people still need to drink plenty of fresh water before, during and after a water sweat session.


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