Best Pool Games for a Splashin’ Good Time

It’s nearly spring in the valley and that means it’s almost pool season! Some of the best times can be spent outdoors, running around the backyard and splashing in the pool to cool down. The pool becomes a central source of fun for family, friends and loved ones. So why not make the most of it with some fun pool games? Aquaman Pools suggests the following favorites:

Marco Polo — This traditional game of hide and seek tag in the water has all kinds of rules. From “fish out of water” to other additions, the rules of this seemingly simple game should be laid out before getting started.

Pool Volleyball/Basketball — There are so many great sports accessories that can turn a swimming pool into a sports court! From a volleyball net to a basketball hoop on attached to one side of the pool, sports are that much more fun in the water! These accessories are also great for getting a big group of kids, teens and adults interacting together!

Splashin’ for Cash — For young kids that are learning to take their swimming skills to the next level and work on dives and jumps from the diving board, tossing some coins into the deeper end of the pool can serve as some serious incentive! Or put some trinkets into a little mesh bag, tie it tightly and toss it into the pool, then let little ones search for “sunken” treasure! As always, when kids are learning to swim or learning a new skill in the water, it’s best to have close adult supervision within arm’s reach (literally!)

Splash Contest — There’s nothing like a good old fashioned splash contest. From most creative or biggest splash to best form, judges can use a variety of criteria to rate splashers’ belly flops and swan dives.

Whirlpool — Who needs a water park, when kids can create their own whirlpool in their own backyard. Gather the group and get them all going in the same direction (walking or jogging – as fast as they can) around the pool until the water gets enough momentum to “carry” them around the pool. 

Pool Float Party Games — For the adults, there are some great inflatable rafts that turn the pool into a real party like floating card “tables” and floating pool pong rafts (some that even include a cooler). After all, there are few things more enjoyable than popping the top to a cold one and making a splash when the weather heats up.

It doesn’t take a game to have a good time in the pool, but it’s certainly a great way to get any pool party started! For a sparkling clean pool with perfectly balanced water prior to a splashdown, give the experts at Aquaman Pools a call!


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