#1 Pool Service in Phoenix, AZ – It’s Always That Time of Year

Benefits of Pool Cleaning

Summer is fast approaching, and with summer comes the need for a well-maintained pool. That’s what most people will say, and they’d be right. However, summer isn’t the only time that you should be caring for your pool here in Phoenix. A pool care technician is someone whom can come to the pool and do all of the tasks which need to be performed in order for it to be properly maintained. Maintaining a pool requires a lot of time and effort, either by you or by an experienced pool service. This is especially true for reasons of hygiene. A pool which has been sitting vacant all winter long is a treasure trove of bacteria, after all.

Debris Removal

The first step of cleaning the pool is the process of removing debris from the top of the pool. Over time, debris gathers in a pool as a result of wind and other means by which they are dispersed. Debris can also cause plenty of problems for pool owners as it is able to gather up quite quickly over time. Debris introduces new organisms and bugs – a messy situation for just about everyone. A lot of debris ends up getting filtered out in a separate basket so that it is removed from the water. This basket needs to be cleaned out by a pool maintenance professional as well.

Algae Removal

Pool surfaces are usually quick to fill up with algae. This is why vacuuming is important and should be done by a pool maintenance professional. Vacuuming the pool will help to get rid of all the algae and other nasty items which should not be left behind on the surface of the pool. Once these go away, it’s not hard to do the rest of the dirty work in order to get the pool in good working order so that everyone can enjoy swimming.

Creating the Right pH Balance

This is an area in which a pool expert can be of most use. The ideal pH level of pool water is approximately that of water which is 7.0 to 7.6. Different combinations of chemicals need to be added in order to create the right balance. Ideally, pool water should not burn a person’s eyes while still being able to effectively remain chlorinated. Water which is too “basic” is unable to kill bacteria while water that is too strong will burn eyes and more.

Filter Cleaning

Pool filters are important, but can quickly get filled with backwash, debris, and bacteria. There are many different types of pool filters, but one common type is a cartridge filter. The idea behind cleaning a pool filter is that it will be able to keep the water in the pool as clean as possible. Some people decide that it is better to regularly replace the filter, but many others see that simply backwashing the filter is an effective way to clean it. But, this can still be a very involved process which requires a lot of effort on the part of the homeowner. Cleaning procedures vary based on the type of filter that the pool uses. Some pools use sand filters, so these would have completely different cleaning procedures than pools with paper filters.

How to Schedule Pool Cleaning Services

The frequency of a pool cleaning varies depending on the needs and desires of the customer. Some choose to have their pool seen to on a weekly basis, but the frequency really depends on how often a pool is used. If the homeowner wants to use the pool every single week, then the most efficient way is to simply schedule a pool cleaner to come by that often. Some need to have their pool filters cleaned on a regular basis as well.

Why Have Anyone Come Clean Your Pool?

A pool cleaning company can come out on a regular basis to clean the pool while leaving you alone to enjoy it. You most likely didn’t want the burdens of pool upkeep when you made the decision to have the pool installed in your home in the first place. Hiring a pool company is most likely a more economically feasible option than you thought while saving you plenty of headaches.

Common Mistakes Made by Homeowners when Cleaning Pools

A pool cleaning professional can ensure that your pool’s chemicals are balanced to avoid any major problems. One of the major pitfalls of not cleaning your pool on a regular basis is that you could potentially cause unnecessary rusting and damage if you neglect your pool. Some people also make mistakes such as not cleaning the pool sidewalls or tile often enough, which can allow for a major algae buildup. Algae can make your pool very difficult to clean – not to mention unsafe and unable to be used for a long period of time. Pumps also have to be run and cleaned properly. Homeowners whom fail to do this can cause the water to not circulate properly.

Suited to Busy Schedules

We know you have a busy schedule. That is why we have created our pool cleaning service here in Phoenix, AZ to suit the needs of our clients. We are able to do the job without interfering in your day-to-day life, and will ensure that your pool can be enjoyed whenever you would like to do so.


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