2020 Pool Trends for Summer

With March already here, it’s going to be swimming season before long. Though the weather is already warm and balmy, it’s not too late to have a pool designed or redesigned! Even if the idea of a new pool is just a dream right now, there are some great new design trends to consider for when that dream does come to fruition.

Chemical-Free Pool Water and Sustainable Efforts — There are several options for pools with less chemicals and natural approaches that are kind to the environment. Saltwater pool systems have been around for some time, so they aren’t a new trend per se but they are a great alternative to traditional pool water chemical treatments and systems. They create their own chlorine source so they aren’t necessarily completely free of chemicals, but they don’t require added chlorine for the water remain clean and clear. Aquaman Pools is focused on offering its clients a safe and sustainable approach to pool cleaning with less chemicals, including their own drain-free process that saves and conserves water. Completely natural pools that utilize plants to replicate the natural process of water filtering to clean the pool via a “regeneration zone” is another new trend.

Less Swimming, More Lounging — Diving and lap pools are a wonderful source of fun for the kids and for exercise, too. However, the trend for 2020 is pools that are designed for relaxation. That includes pools with swim up bars or bar seating, Baja shelves or tanning ledges for lounging. These ledges are very shallow, allowing people to soak up some sun, while soaking in the pool! This is a great place to gather with friends on a hot day.

Pool with a View — Many have heard of a negative edge or rimless pool, which gives the appearance of a “never ending” view with the pool water serving as part of the horizon. The water flows over one edge and then is refiltered and sent back to the main pool area. This type of pool can be a relaxing and stunning center piece of a quiet backyard sanctuary.

Dark Water — While pools have traditionally been designed to make the water appear light blue, darker colors have come into vogue in recent years. The Pebble-Tec pool surface was the segue into the dark water trend, which offers a more sophisticated and modern result. The dark colors also help retain heat, keeping pool water a bit warmer — very beneficial in the transitional seasons.

Custom-Sized Pools — For homes that have smaller backyards or homeowners that have specific needs (such as water walking or cold water/hot water dipping), custom pools and mini, or personal, pools are also on trend in 2020. Depending on the size and layout of a backyard, pools can be custom-created in a variety of sizes, shapes and depths for specific desires.

With so many design choices (or a custom design of one’s own), a pool can add not only beauty and elegance but also fun, fitness, relaxation and enjoyment to any backyard! Aquaman Pools encourages homeowners to find the perfect pool to serve as the focal point of their own backyard oasis.


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