3 Ways to Enjoy the Pool in the Winter Months

3 Ways to Enjoy the Pool in the Winter Months

Been awhile since the swimming pool has seen any action? It’s easy to understand why summer is generally the most popular season for swimming, but there are some creative ways to enjoy the pool in the winter too. Here are three ways to enjoy the pool all year round… even in the winter! 

Cozy Up — The pool can be enjoyed as part of the beauty of the backyard, without ever taking a dip! By creating a warm and inviting outdoor living space, with the pool as the main view, family and guests can take in the beauty and serenity of the pool (particularly those calming water features) even on the chilliest of nights. Consider bringing the indoors out with cushiony lounges and love seats covered with cozy throw blankets centered around a traditional fire pit or modern outdoor fireplace. Or employ the use of electric or propane heaters, which come in many styles and sizes, to warm up a winter night. Grab a hot cup of coffee or a soothing glass of wine and snuggle in with family and loved ones. How relaxing does that sound?

Take a Cold Plunge — Moving on from relaxing to invigorating! Many water lovers and health enthusiasts are experimenting with the age-old tradition of cold plunging! There is research behind this chilly challenge. Though it seems like a new trend, cold immersion is actually a longstanding practice in many cultures. It is believed to boost immunity, build resistance to stress, improve mood, decrease tension and fatigue, and aid in combatting inflammation, according to an article on Discover magazine’s website. There is even research that suggests “cold water swimmers also produce a protein that protects the brain from degenerative diseases like dementia.” Why not give it a try this season?

Heat it Up — For those that love to swim but don’t want to become a member of the Polar Bear Club, have the pool heated. With warm, comfortable water temps all year long, families can extend the life of their pool for relaxation, fitness and fun!

This winter, consider these three ways to enjoy the pool this winter and resolve to enjoy it more even in the cold weather!


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