4 Easy Steps to Dealing With Your Green Swimming Pool in Scottsdale

Most pools out there will have a run in with some green water at some time in their lifespan. There are 2 goals when this happens. The first is finding the best way to treat the water as efficiently as possible as soon as possible to get it clear. The 2nd thing that needs consideration is that we would like to make this treatment occur without costing too much. Many go down to their own local pool retailer and find that there are more water clarifiers, shocks, and phosphate treatments than one can figure out what to do with. Not to mention the innumerable substances which are accessible and can cost more than people are willing to pay.

When treating pool water that is green, there are 4 essential measures that should be addressed. Let us dive in!


It’s possible for you to add other substances and all the shock you would like, but if water motion is not taking place, the appearance of the water will not alter. You need to always be running your equipment while this issue is being dealt with. For most residential swimming pools that are normal, this may take about 3 total water rotations. What that means is that the water will have been pushed through your pool’s filter roughly three times.

Shock Treatment

Your granular shocks will have the the quickest reaction time here. The more chlorine, the more powerful (and quicker) it is going to be in the pool water. It is vital that you understand that you can’t overdo this. There is no need to analyze the water at this stage by means of a test kit as the results will likely be pointless.


The more powerful the filter is throughout this procedure, the quicker the water’s going to get clear. To ensure that this is happening is to go and clean/backwash your filter a few times a day. This might take a little more time depending on the length of time between backwashes.

Water Clarifier

As the water starts turning more blue in color start using a water clarifier that is known for its high quality. This can accelerate the procedure and get you closer to getting clear, blue water. I suggest that you add it instantly once you see the water is starting to turn blue, then again about 12 hours after. Any good service provider (such as us) In this procedure continue running your pool’s equipment without any breaks. In this time the pH and total alkalinity levels should also be something you’re working on getting stabilized.

Well, hopefully you have loved these steps to having your water cleared up as rapidly as possible. Using this system, it is not impossible to turn your pool water that is green around so that it looks blue in two days or less!

If you find yourself in need of some help with your green pool then please be sure to get a hold of us here at Aquaman Pools. You can call us at (480) 243-7665.


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