4 Quick Tips for Finding the Right Pool Service Company

As spring weather kicks into gear, many pool owners may be considering hiring a pool service company to handle their regular maintenance and help with repairs to ensure the pool is in great shape (and stays that way!) all throughout the swimming season. Aquaman Pools suggests the following tips when looking for the best pool service company.

Ask Around — Usually, some of the best recommendations come from word of mouth. So ask the neighbors, friends and family who they employ to handle their pool service needs — and if they are greatly satisfied with the service they receive.

But Don’t Just Take Their Word for it — After getting some referrals, do a little digging. Check out the company’s testimonials and its Better Business Bureau ratings. It’s even a good idea to Google the company name to see if anything undesirable comes up in the search. Then narrow down the list of companies with a spotless reputation and give them a call.

Get an Estimate — Once on the phone with the pool service company that a homeowner may potentially hire, it’s a good time to ask questions (such as are they licensed, insured and fully certified), make sure the services they want done are part of the routine service appointment, and get an estimate on cost of the weekly service and what that includes. Most companies are willing to come to the home to do an inspection and give a free estimate. If a company wants to charge for that, it’s a good indication to continue the search.

Read the Fine Print — Once an estimate is provided, the homeowner should look over it carefully to make sure that all the services they are looking to have handled are included and that there aren’t any hidden charges or fees. It’s also a good idea to see what kind of other services the company offers — such as repairs, equipment replacement or installation, remodeling, etc. in case a need for those things arise in the future.

Pool service companies are a dime a dozen in the valley of the sun. But not all of them are high-quality or have pool service technicians that are skilled, professional and committed to getting the job done right. So before hiring any pool service company, pool owners should spend some time doing their due diligence to ensure they find the right one. Looking for an estimate? Give Aquaman Pools a call!


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