5 Clean Water Tips for Pool Owners

5 Clean Water Tips for Pool Owners


It’s warming up and as the swim season rolls around, the pool is going to be the center of attraction for summer fun! But it’s important to have clean and healthy water to swim in so Aquaman Pools offers five easy tips for pool owners to keep their pool water clean and clear all summer long.


Run the Pump — Circulation is one of the keys to a clean and healthy pool. Circulating the water ensures all the pool chemicals are distributed evenly throughout and it keeps water from becoming stagnant — which is more inviting for algae to blossom and could attract bugs like mosquitos. Running the pump ensures the water is constantly moving and that it’s getting circulated through the filtration system, which cleans the water as well.


Skim the Surface and Empty the Baskets — Simply skimming the surface of the water to remove fallen leaves or organic load from nearby plants and shrubbery is another simply way to keep the water clean and crystal clear. After a good skimming of the surface, empty the skimmer basket as well and the filter basket. Keeping the baskets empty ensures the pump or vacuum doesn’t get clogged up.


Brush it Down — Brushing the walls and floor of the pool can help maintain a clean pool by loosening dirt and debris that may have fallen to the bottom of the pool as well as remove any stains that may be starting to form on the tiles or interior surface. After brushing, let the vacuum do the rest of the work!


Check the Chemicals — Balanced chemicals equate to a clean, healthy pool. Checking and adjusting the chemicals on a regularly basis (at least once a week) can help pool owners maintain the cleanliness of their pool water.


Treat it Right — Remember that the pool is hardest to maintain during the summertime when the weather is hot and the pool is getting the most use. Things like hair (pet and human), sunscreen residue and other contaminants left behind after a swim can cause the water to become unbalanced. The warm water is also inviting for algae, so it’s important that pool owners treat their pool water with additional chemicals and chlorine as needed after heavy use to keep the pool clean and ready for the next swim time.


Taking care of pools and maintaining clients’ pool health is what Aquaman Pools’ professional technicians do every single day. Ready to dive into first-class pool service? Give Aquaman Pools a call!


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