A Few Simple Tips for Keeping Your Swimming Pool Sparkling Clean

Ah, spring. Looking forward to it? Its not too far off (March 20th!). This is when most people start to open up their pools again. If you have a swimming pool you might see some green in your pool when you first remove your cover. Before you hop in there and start having some fun, its vital that you make sure to clean up your pool. Making sure that you check the water levels on a frequent basis while ensuring that your pool is properly sanitized helps quite a bit in keeping it as clear as it can be. Here are a few other quick tips you can do to keep your pool in good shape come spring:

Is Your Filter Clean?
Every type of filter has a specific way that it needs to be cleaned and maintained, and all need this to be done every once in a while. Cleaning it too frequently can actually get in the way of the filtering, though, so be aware of how often your specific filter needs to be cleaned.

Water Levels
You lose water throughout the swim season from everyday use (leaving the pool, splashing, normal swimming) and from evaporation. Make sure that you’re regularly checking your swimming pool’s water levels when your maintenance is being done.

Ditch the Debris
The pool’s floor is probably covered with some kind of debris, be it leaves or anything else. Take these out of the pool with a hose and a brush. If you have some dirt that’s really stuck on the floor of the swimming pool, get rid of it by using a hard brush and a special cleaner for that purpose. This can aid you in keeping off any mold stains and weird odors when winter swings back around. Make sure not to forget to clean up all around the swimming pool, too.

Even though every swimming pool is different, they can all be kept in great shape as long as they are being properly maintained, either by you or by a qualified swimming pool company. Keep up with your pool, keep safety in mind, and your pool will always be ready for you to enjoy.


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