Acid Washing Your Pool

So its been a few years since your pool water has been changed and your starting to notice some spots in the interior finish that seem a bit blotchy. What now?

Well good news! Your pool professional’s at Aquaman Pools can help you with acid washing your pool in Scottsdale.

Sounds Dangerous!

Acid washing is a detailed and somewhat dangerous process that should only be done by a pool professional as you can damage your pool’s interior finish very easily if done incorrectly.

Draining Your Pool

Your pool professional’s at Aquaman Pools will first drain your pool into the sewer clean outs per city code with their gas powered dewatering pumps. This process allows everything to be completed in one visit to limit the time and hassle for your family.

Pool Interior Cleaning Solution

After the draining your pool professional will mix up a solution of muriatic acid, water, stain remover, and a brightening agent to ensure the best possible acid washing job on your pool.

Time For Some Elbow Grease

The pool interior cleaning solution is now sprayed evenly on the pool interior surface and every square inch is scrubbed in with plenty of elbow grease to ensure the best possible coverage and even color once the job is completed.

The Reveal

Finally your pool professionals at Aquaman Pools wash the acid wash mixture off of your pool interior finish with their powerful pressure washers and your fresh pool interior finish is revealed! All of the mixture is pumped and vacuumed out and your fresh pool is ready for re-filling.

Aquaman Pools

Your pool professionals recommend draining and acid washing your pool every 2 to 3 years for optimum health of your Phoenix and Scottsdale area pool environment. Give them a call today at 480-243-7665 to schedule this important service.


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