Are Less Chemicals Required in the Off Season?

Many pool owners may wonder if they need to treat their swimming pool the same way all year round. After all, most pools aren’t being used as often in October or January as they were in July or August. But that doesn’t mean that pool maintenance should be abandoned until next “swim season.” The pool care professionals at Aquaman Pools explain.

It’s true that heavy use of the pool does make it more challenging to consistently balance those chemicals that keep the water clean, clear, safe and sanitized, and that often equates to the necessity of more chemicals. When the pool is being used often, swimmers leave behind sweat, hair, sunscreen residue and natural oils that interfere with the pool chemicals. The chemicals have their work cut out for them in the summer to keep the pool clean after heavy use! The heat is another factor that contributes to the necessity for chemicals in the summertime. Warm water can become a breeding ground for algae to blossom and spread.

However, regular pool care really is a year-round thing, unless the pool is winterized and truly closed up for the season. Seasonal weather, including rain and windstorms, impact the integrity of the pool water’s balance. When heavy rain occurs or when wind brings debris and dirt into the pool, the chemical levels can be impacted.

Stagnant unused pool water can also attract bacteria. Proper water circulation helps distribute chemicals throughout the pool, which is why running the pump and the automatic vacuum are still vital parts of pool care, even in the fall and winter when the pool isn’t being used as much for swimming. Sweeping and skimming the pool and emptying skimmer and filter baskets are also important to year-round pool care. Doing these things on a regular basis can keep filters getting clogged.

It’s important to remember that each pool needs to be treated individually. The same chemical application that works for one, might not work for another. Testing the pool’s chemicals with a test kit or strips is an easy way to determine if less (or more) chemicals are needed at any point throughout the seasons. Hiring a professional pool care service, such as Aquaman Pools of course, is a simple way for busy homeowners to delegate the task of ensuring the pool has the right amount of chemicals to keep it clean and safe. So call today!


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