Are You Able to Get Your Pool Heater Repaired Quickly?

With the weather getting colder and colder, many people are in need of some pool heating. How is your pool’s heater doing? If anything happens to it, can your pool service get it fixed in a timely manner?

Is this something Aquaman Pools LLC helps with? Well, yes, yes we do. We can get out to where you are and provide you with an analysis while taking a look at your gear ASAP. If it’s a fix that doesn’t need components, there’s absolutely no problem making the pool heater repair there immediately (giving you the cost for it up front beforehand, of course). The issue appears when we don’t have your part on the truck. We will of course install the part when it comes in, which generally is not quite long at all after we purchase it.

But, there are a couple things you can do quickly and immediately to help with your pool’s heating issues.

Weak Pool Heater
Your present heater might not be strong enough for your pool size. Before you replace it, attempt doing this repair below and see whether you are able to get your heating up to standard. So, what is this easy fix? Well, you might try grabbing a solar pool cover, which can help to reduce the loss of heat in your pool.

Pilot Light Issues
In the event that your pilot light goes out frequently, it is a pool heater repair problem that’s generally easy to handle. There might be some loose connections and rusty couplings that we are able to tighten or replace. Another thing people forget to think about is if the wind can affect their pilot light. That’s right…it gets blown out in some situations. The fix is easy: provide a windbreak. Problem solved!

Heater Isn’t Igniting
Ensure that the thermostat for the swimming pool is set to a temperature higher compared to the temperature of the water in the event the heater is on. Next, verify that the pool pump is operating and has a clean filter. A pool pump issue can lead to a pool heater repair issue. Lastly, be sure to examine the gas valve and ensure the pilot light is on and it’s in the proper location.

For those who have gone through this checklist already and still can’t get their pool’s heating issue resolved, call us at (480) 243-7665. You most likely have a larger pool heater repair problem that needs a professional to take a look at it.


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