Benefits of Cold Water Immersion

Now that it’s finally starting to feel a little like fall, many pool owners may not be using their pools as much. Though summer is synonymous with swimming since the water offers a refreshing reprieve from the season’s intense temperatures, fall and winter are actually great seasons in which to take a dip too — but for totally different reasons. Aquaman Pools dives into the benefits of cold water immersion.

First of all… what in the world is cold water immersion? Well, think of the Polar Bear Clubbers that swim in the cold water off Coney Island, for example. They just happen to be the oldest Polar Bear Club so they must be onto something. Cold water immersion — swimming or soaking in cold water pools, lakes or the ocean, has even made its way into some spa hotels that offering pools of varying temperatures in which to soak or dip in the name of hydrotherapy.

While super cold water can be a shock to the system, apparently this is a good thing when it comes to boosting metabolism, gaining mental strength and serenity, achieving fitness results, and boosting the immune system. Some sources state that cold water therapy can induce the production of a specific type of body fat called “brown fat,” which burns through calories at a much higher rate than typical “white fat” because it’s designed to raise one’s body temperature. Cold water exposure is even credited with healing hormonal dysfunctions by improving the body’s sensibility to leptin, a hormone that impacts weight loss. For those that are focused on fitness, cold water can add a challenging element to a workout that forces the body to adapt to harsher conditions… kind of like training in an altitude chamber.

In addition to physical benefits, cold water immersion can help swimmers achieve a sense of mental clarity and can challenge both mind and body to push through and do never-before-done things. An achievement like that builds mental strength and overall confidence too. And in contrast to thinking that swimming in cold water could make one sick, it can actually help boost the body’s antioxidant glutathione levels that can help regulate the process of the body’s other antioxidants which can even help reduce risk of heart disease and cancer according to an article published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine.

The Polar Bear Club might not be for everybody, but taking an occasional cold-water dip could offer some great benefits for mind and body! And for a perfectly clean and crystal clear for every season, call the professional pool technicians at Aquaman Pools LLC!


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