Best Pool Maintenance Tips to Ensure a Healthy Pool

At the onset of a New Year (is it really mid-January already?), most people have goals or resolutions for the year ahead. If taking extra good care of the pool this year is on the list, Aquaman Pools has some great maintenance tips that every pool owner should know to ensure their pools are sparkling clean and healthy. By incorporating these easy tips into a regular pool care routine, the pool will look better than ever n 2021!

Don’t Skimp on Skimming and Scrubbing —  Skimming the surface of the pool is one of the easiest ways to keep the pool clean and reducing the heavy load that the filter and pump have to take on to keep the pool free of debris. Just a few passes of a skimmer net over the surface of the pool a few times a week can dramatically elongate the life of the pool’s big equipment like filter, pump and automatic cleaner. While skimming, don’t forget to empty the skimmer basket too! Scrubbing the pools’ interiors walls, surfaces and tiles can also help in a number of ways, including keeping algae from sneaking into little cracks or grout and loosening up any dirt or debris from the bottom of the pool to help ease the work of the vacuum.

Don’t Neglect the Filter — A healthy filter is essential to a healthy pool so give it a little love! In addition to the skimmer basket, the filter basket should be emptied on a regular basis, too. Make sure the filter is turned off before doing so. The filter system’s pipes should also be cleaned out on a monthly basis with a routine backwashing. The filter should also be kept on a timer and allowed to run at least six hours daily. Turning it on and off manually can cause the mechanics to break down quicker, so the timer not only helps keep it going automatically, it also ensures a longer life for the mechanism itself.

Keep Chemical Consistent — Consistency is key, especially when it comes to the swimming pool’s chemical balance. Properly chemically balanced water is less likely to become murky (a sign of a lack of chemicals), and it shouldn’t irritate the skin or burn the eyes (a sign of too many chemicals). A simple test kit can tell the pool owner if the chemicals are balanced so they can adjust to achieve a balanced state.

Schedule an Annual — Whether or not the pool owner has a professional pool company providing regular service, they should schedule a yearly appointment (kind of like a doctor check-up) to ensure the pool and all its parts area functioning properly. During this type of assessment, a pool professional can check for cracks or leaks, ensure all equipment is working as effectively and efficiently as it should be and detect any minor problems that should either be taken care of before they become bigger problems or to be put on a “watch list” to ensure it doesn’t get any worse.

Aquaman Pools would love to take on the job of ensuring every pool owner in the valley is clean, healthy and ready for enjoying all year round. For residents that are looking to put these maintenance tips into action but don’t have much time to make it happen, call Aquaman Pools and let their professional technicians handle it!


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