Circulation: The Lifeblood of a Healthy Pool

When it comes to maintaining a swimming pool, homeowners may not fully realize all the nuances that go into keeping the water clean and healthy for safe swimming. When it comes to the body, the human circulatory system is crucial keeping blood, oxygen and nutrients flowing to the cells while removing waste like carbon dioxide. Circulation in the pool works in a similar way. Aquaman Pools LLC talks about the importance of circulation to keep a swimming pool healthy.

Proper circulation is one of the most basic and most important parts of pool care. Circulation of the pool water helps spread chemicals throughout the pool and allows filtration of the pool water. As circulation moves pool water through the filter, dirt, debris and organic load from tree or flower droppings are removed from the pool. Without good water circulation, debris can build-up and require additional cleaning or maintenance services for the pool itself as well as the filter. Stagnant pool water that lacks circulation can also impact swimmers, causing them to get sick. In fact, the better the pool circulation, the less likely that the pool water will get cloudy or acquire algae.

To ensure good circulation in the swimming pool, the water should be constantly moving. Running the pump consistently is a great way to do that. The pump also helps direct water allowing it to flow through filters. Skimming the water on a regular basis also encourages healthy pool water circulation (and bonus, it also helps remove that debris before it has a chance to break down. A pool vacuum will also aid pool water circulation. As they sweep along the bottom and sides of the pool picking up dirt and debris, they also help get that water flow moving.

If the swimming pool water is not getting enough movement, the signs will quickly become clear. The pool could start to acquire algae and the water itself may appear cloudy. It’s important to closely monitor the pool water as algae and dirty water can cause damage to the pool itself, filter and other equipment. Another potentially harmful effect of lack of circulation is that the pool chemicals will get off balance. Once this happens, more chemicals may be required to return the pool water to its safe and healthy state – or it may require further maintenance from a swimming pool professional. The more circulation the pool water gets, the less chemicals it actually needs to stay balanced.

Circulation is a major key to a clean and healthy pool. With these tips, pool owners should be able to easily maintain their pool’s circulation. As always, the experts at Aquaman Pools LLC are standing by to help with any service, maintenance, repair or cleaning.


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