Cleaning a Pool After a Winter Storm

Winter has arrived early in Arizona! And with rainy, windy, dust-blowing, tree-knocking over storms, pools often suffer. However, residents don’t have to deal with a dirty pool all winter long and it’s very important to maintain a pool all year round. With a few easy tips from Aquaman Pools, a pool can remain clean and crystal clean all winter long with weekly pool maintenance.

Winter storms with heavy rains and strong winds can leave dirt and debris behind in the pool and floods can leave behind potential contaminants such as mud and bacteria. After a big storm, some residents may feel overwhelmed by cleaning a pool after a story, its important to follow these steps to get the pool back on track as soon as possible.

First, skim leaves and debris from the surface of the pool. Regardless of how dirty the pool may look, resist the temptation to drain the pool. This is not the time — draining a dirty pool can run the risk of the pool popping due to elevated water table. Cleaning the existing water is the best bet at this stage. Be sure to empty the skimmer basket, and use a net to get excess debris at the bottom of the pool. Much of the small debris and dust can be sucked up by the vacuum later.

It’s also important to check all pump and electrical equipment to ensure it’s working properly and that there is not any damage, leaks, etc. that could cause pool equipment not to work as efficiently as it’s supposed to. As long as equipment is dry, turn it on to test it and run circulation and filtration systems to ensure they are working. If there is damage, don’t turn on any equipment – residents should call their pool maintenance company to assess the damage.

If equipment is working properly, residents can go ahead and run the vacuum, brush the pool walls and floor and scoop out any extra debris. It’s also a good idea to backwash the filter and return water to its regular level if there has been water loss. The water may also need to be shocked or balanced — once again, it’s a good idea to call a pool maintenance company to handle this as well. After all these steps if the water is still dirty, run the circulation and filtration systems until the water is no longer cloudy. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the view of a crystal clear pool!


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