Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

It’s easy for the professional pool technicians at Aquaman Pools, LLC to understand exactly what a pool needs — they’ve been properly trained to asses many issues and complexities that a pool and its water need to stay clean and clear. However, it may not be that easy for all pool owners. Without all the knowledge that trained pool technicians have, mistakes can be made in the name of maintenance. Here Aquaman Pools shares some errors pool owners tend to make when caring for their pool:

Not cleaning the pump and/or skimmer baskets — If the pump and/or skimmer baskets are not properly cleaned on a regular basis, too much dirt can build up inside the skimmer box. This can cause the pool’s motor to suck in too much water, which can result in a burn out of the pump’s motor. If that happens, professional pool repair will most certainly be required to fix it.

Not maintaining the pool’s water levels It’s a good idea to monitor the pool’s water level on a daily basis. That way, if/when a drop in level occurs, the pool owner will notice right away. If the water level drops below the minimum limit, it won’t circulate properly, which can cause the pump to run without water. This is turn will burn out the pump and once again, require a professional pool service to come in and repair it

Not balancing pool’s chemicals properly — When the swimming pool water isn’t balanced with the proper chemicals, algae can accumulate and make the water not only turn that unsightly green, but it can also require the pool owner to have to replace the filter cartridge and chemical jolts.

Not checking the pool’s time clock setup — This should be done weekly to make sure that the time clock is set up to allow the equipment to only run as needed. If it runs non-stop, this will not only waste more electricity than is really necessary for the pool, but this will also result in a higher power bill.

Not using a blue waste hose to drain pool water Without using the proper hose to drain the pool water, grass and plants could experience chemical damage, and damage can also occur near the walls of the home. The blue hose should drain the water straight into the sewer to avoid these damages.

These mistakes can seem harmless, but they can end up costing pool owners lots of money in repair. Instead of getting overwhelmed with pool duties, instead of actually just enjoying the pools, leave it to the professionals at Aquaman Pools to help keep the pool clean and in proper condition for swimming season!


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