Common Signs that the Pool Needs Repair

If the swimming pool could talk, it would probably share years of fun memories with kids, family and friends diving in. And though it can’t really talk, a swimming pool can tell homeowners that things aren’t right and a repair might be needed. Aquaman Pools LLC shares some common signs that the pool is trying to tell their owners.

Low Water or Water Surrounding the Pool — Pool owners know that keeping a consistent after level is important to the health of the pool water. But if they are constantly having to fill the pool to keep that level, or if they notice wet areas around the pool, it could be the sign of a leak.

Interior Surface Cracks — Another tell-tale sign of a leak and possible need for a resurface is cracks within the interior surface of the pool. The need for a possible refinish can also show itself in other ways including rough areas, flaking or peeling plaster, missing pebbles from a Pebble Tec surface, rust stains and more.

Discolored or Cloudy Water or Dark Spots — Any of these signs can almost certainly mean that the pool water’s chemical balance is out of whack. This needs to be managed immediately, as it’s much easier to regain the pool’s chemical and pH levels at the onset. Pool water that is not adequately chemically balanced can become a breeding ground for algae, which shows itself in a number of ways, but often results in greenish water and sometimes black or dark spots in the interior surface or collecting on the pool’s automatic cleaner equipment and hoses. Cloudy pool water may be in need of more chlorine or it could mean the pool water is high in calcium hardness. 

Dirty Water — Noticing dirt collecting at the bottom of the pool and foliage floating along the top of the water surface? Dirty water could be a sign of multiple things — the pool’s automatic cleaner/vacuum may not be working properly, the basket could be full and need to be emptied, or the pump itself could be clogged.

Low Pump Pressure — A clogged pump can show itself in multiple ways and it may not always be a full skimmer basket. Sometimes the basket may not be full but homeowners may notice a drop in pump pressure, low water flow or a higher pitched sound coming from the motor.

If homeowners notice any of these things, they should consider them “messages” from their pool that a repair or chemical rebalance may be needed. Pay close attention to what the pool is trying to say, and with any pool repair or service needs, call Aquaman Pools any time!


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