Common Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes That Cost People Money

You may need to ensure that you don’t make some common errors that many people make when they’re caring for their pool in the event that you’re among the countless homeowners that have a swimming pool. Any one of the below issues can end up costing you cash when you need it most, so read on and don’t let these things happen to you!

1) Not regularly cleaning your pump and skimmer baskets.
By allowing too much dirt to build up inside of your pool’s skimmer box you cause the pool’s motor to pull in too much water. This can result in the pump motor burning out, and help will likely be required from some professional pool services.

2) Not regularly checking your pool’s water levels.
In the event that you don’t assess the water level of the pool every day you might not notice when the water drops below the amount that is mandatory. If this happens the water is not going to circulate as needed. This is going to lead to the pump running without water and it’ll burn out the pump. It’ll subsequently be essential to get hold of professional pool services to make the needed repairs.

3) Letting your pool’s water be unbalanced in terms of chemicals.
Algae can grow when swimming pool water isn’t treated on a regular basis. This can result in the requirement of filter cartridge replacement and chemical jolts, among other things.

4) Not regularly checking the setup of your time clock.
When you avoid this essential weekly care job, you run the possibility of spending more money than is mandatory when it comes to your power bill. In the case of nonstop runs it’s going to use more electricity than is really needed for your swimming pool.

5) Not regularly grabbing small, metal objects off the floor of the pool.
When you leave metal objects sitting at the bottom of the pool, they can end up rusting which can end up costing you quite a bit in terms of pool cleaning costs.

6) Emptying your pool’s water and not using a blue waste hose to do so.
Doing this could cause chemical damage to grass and plants where the drainage is going on. You can actually experience damage near the walls of the home if there is no blue house drain being used to take the water straight to the sewer.

Some people can get overwhelmed with all that’s involved in keeping their swimming pool in good shape. That’s why we’re here. If you need any help and live in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or anywhere in the Paradise Valley area then please give us a call at (480) 243-7665 today!


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