Cool It — Cooling Accessories for Poolside Fun

Summertime and the swimming pool go hand in hand for warm weather entertainment. But let’s face it, in the Valley of the Sun, it’s downright hot, hot, hot! So in the name of keeping things cool (at least relatively!), Aquaman Pools LLC offers the following cooling tips and accessories to combat summer scorchers.

Mesh, Rubber or Foam Poolside Mats — When the ground and decking around the pool is literally too hot to handle, poolside mats can help save sensitive feet from feeling the burn! There are some tiles that are designed to stabilize temperature regardless of the weather. They can also be hosed down, but their grip and texture helps prevent slipping. While hosing down the mats or tiles, give the grass a good hose off, too. Artificial grasses in particular can be very hot to the touch when the outside temps are rising up into those brutal three-digit numbers.

Shade Sails or Umbrellas — Installing an oversized umbrella to position over the pool or shade sails can help protect swimmers from the intensity of the sun while bringing the temps down. There are a myriad of options including retractable sails and umbrellas equipped with solar lighting for some added ambiance when swimming once the sun goes down.

Mister Systems, Mister Fans and Portable Evaporative Coolers — To help cool down the patio or an outdoor gazebo or cabana (all great places to seek refuge from the sun!), there are endless options when it comes to cooling down those spaces with built-in mister systems, mister fans and even portable evaporative coolers. These products can provide some serious cooling relief when hanging poolside.

Lush plants and trees — Outdoor plants and foliage can actually help provide a little reprieve from the heat. Large trees can provide much needed backyard shade, but also plants release water vapors into the air that can help cool the surrounding area. However, be cautious when planting trees or other landscaping too close to the pool. Too much foliage can actually block airflow (which is much-needed in triple-degree weather), and their droppings (leaves, flowers, etc.) put an undue load on the  pool skimmer and cleaning equipment.

Install a Water Feature — Flowing and circulation water into and throughout the pool can help keep it cooler (and cleaner—circulation is key for that!), so for those considering a little pool remodel, a water feature might be just the ticket to some cool summer fun!

Regardless of how pool owners  choose to chill out this summer, Aquaman Pools is here to help! From regular pool service to preventative maintenance and repair, the technicians at Aquaman are here to take the hassle and stress out of keeping a sparkling clean pool!


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