Creative “Quarantine” Pool Party Ideas

While it is safe to swim during Arizona’s stay-at-home mandates, it’s still best to keep large pool parties at bay until further notice. However, that doesn’t mean that families and couples can’t have a safe, fun and social distanced pool “party!” Aquaman Pools, LLC offers some tips for creating a pool “party” while staying safe.

Whether gathering family members to take a break from online school or online meetings to enjoy some quality time in the backyard or preparing a special outdoor date night for a loved one, planning ahead to incorporate the essentials to ensure a successful “outing” is key. But it doesn’t have to involved a lot of effort, expense … or even require leaving the house!

For example, for a family, prep the pool by pulling out the pool games and accessories such as newly inflated pool rafts and don’t forget the diving sticks, volleyball net and other pool games that the whole family can participate in while sneaking in a little physical fitness too! Or organize a diving contest or laps-swimming race. Outside the pool, consider some yard games like giant Jenga, cornhole, or bocce ball.

And what goes better with a day of family fun than a good old-fashioned BBQ lunch or dinner? Fire up the grill after splashing in the water and enjoy some hot dogs and hamburgers. For an after-dark family swimming shindig, get creative with colorful lighting in the pool (Aquaman Pools can help with this!).

For a special date night al fresco, ditch the splashing and instead cook up some relaxation with some wine, a charcuterie board and great conservation while sittin’ back on some lounge chairs set up around the pool. Unwind and soak in the hot tub as the sun sets, or spread out a blanket on the grass and serve up a classic “picnic” of fried chicken and some ice cold beers (or sweet tea). Don’t forget to turn on any water features for the soothing sounds! Set the mood with additional landscape lighting and some great tunes, too!

Regardless of the type of “party,” making it official by creating homemade invites, decorating the backyard, and creating a theme can make it feel like a real party — even if the only invitees are the people that have been sheltering in place together as the country works toward eliminating COVID-19. After being home for so long, getting creative and thinking outside of the box to break up the monotony might just be the thing the whole family needs!

Of course, prepping the pool beforehand is essential to make sure the water is perfectly balanced and crystal clear. Sweep and swim the pool, empty the skimmer basket and check the chemicals a few days before. And keep Aquaman Pools in mind! Their skilled and professional technicians are on-hand and ready to help homeowners achieve a beautifully clean and sparkling pool to enjoy all summer long.


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