Defending Against Algae in Your Swimming Pool

Getting ready for a party by the swimming pool, but your water is all green? Have you tried to fight the good fight against algae, but you can’t seem to get rid of that green for good? Don’t sweat it! We’re here to help you out, and we’re going to start right now.

Know What You’re Up Against
The algae that lives in a swimming pool is a tiny organism that grows in your warmer, darker, unclean water. The kind that is usually seen is green, of course, and can grow quicker than most people would think. You need to be on top of your game and always keep an eye out for a potential algae attack.

The color of the algae itself is a great indication of how strong it is. Is it a lighter teal-like color? You found it when it was still earlier on in its growth-stage. This should be easy to clean up with a small amount of work.

Now, if the pool has turned a darker green or even black, well then you’re up against something with a bit more strength behind it. This has snatched up your pool for itself, and will take more work to get rid of.

Defending Against Algae
Algae can’t grow if your pool water is being properly maintained. If you have the right sanitizer and keep things in good shape you can prevent an outbreak. You also need to ensure that your pool is being properly maintained in other ways, such as brushing the walls/floor of the pool, vacuuming the pool, skimming the pool’s surface, running your filter long enough, keeping the pH levels in the proper ranges, keeping the water appropriately alkaline, and of course using an algaecide. There’s plenty more, but those are things any good pool service will do regularly for you. If you do the work yourself you’ll need to do those things, too. By setting yourself up with a regular pool routine to keep the pool clean you’ll be able to clean out the algae and keep it out!

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