Differences Between Salt Water Pools and Chlorine Based Pools

Salt water pools aren’t like the ocean; difficult to swim in. They’re just like a normal swimming pool, with the exception that they use a chlorine generator that makes use of a brine to make the chlorine that your pool uses.

There are two kinds of these: one has salt in the pool and the other does not. Simple as that. Both make use of chlorine to keep your pool disinfected just like the normal types of pools that most people are used to. In the event that you find yourself debating which kind of system to use for your pool, well there are lots of things to take into account. If you don’t already have a local pool service to consult with, then read on below for some tips to help you out.

Salt water takes the prize in this group. They use less chlorine than a “chlorine” pool, and the amount of salt is similar to that in a person’s tears. It’s a far more pleasant water to swim in for your skin, your eyes, as well as your bathing suits. Open your eyes with no pain!

Sadly, salt water pools are a bit pricier here. Fortunately, it’s not insanely pricey. The generator for the salt water pool prices around $1,000. Take away the expense of chlorine that you’ll save annually, though, and switch it out for about $20 a year of salt. A salt water pool creates its own chlorine, so you just need the salt.

No Need to Deal with Chlorine
Cutting back on the handling of a corrosive chemical is always a good thing. A salt based pool wins here.

The salt pool prices hit your wallet harder, hands down. Components should be replaced a lot more frequently due to the fact that salt corrodes; a sad fact of life.

You should make sure to think about your landscaping prior to getting a salt based pool. Why? Well, because salt water robs the land of vital nutrients and can actually kill plants.

What are you comfortable with?
A lot of folks that have been around pools all their life understand the best way to deal with a chlorine pool. A salt water pool is unknown to many. A lot of individuals tend to be more comfortable with what they are already used to. Are you?

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