Dispelling Certain Myths About Swimming Pools

Myths about swimming pools is certainly a great subject of discussion among many owners and service companies alike. During my last discussion about this topic I chatted about the relevance of keeping sufficient rates of conditioner to ensure that your chlorine remains in a good range.

Your Swimming Pool’s pH Level

Your pH’s level is such an essential part of producing a balance in your pool’s water. Some pretty funky things can take place when this isn’t kept the way it should be kept. Not to mention that awful tile line that may experience build up over time, and horrible things can occur to your pool gear causing unwanted repairs when your water is overly acidic.

A Measure of Balance

The pH of the water is a measure of its own overall acid-alkalinity balance, the comparative percentage of alkalis and acids in the water. To put it simply, water that’s either too acidic or too alkaline will cause chemical reactions that are unwanted. In case the water is too acidic, it’ll corrode metal gear, cause etching, and can cause skin discomfort. In case the water is too alkaline, it can cloud the water and can cause scaling in the pool surface and plumbing equipment.

Moreover, the potency of the chlorine changes. The chlorine will not destroy the various things it should if the water is too alkaline, and it’ll dissipate considerably more rapidly if the water is too acidic.

Solving the Problem

To increase or lower pH, a pool service (like https://www.supercleanpools.com/pool-service-in-scottsdale-az/) will need to add alkalis or acids into the water. Along with pH, pool owners should additionally track total dissolved solids, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity. I am going to discuss other significant aspects of keeping your pool in good shape in future posts (there are already numerous ones in our blog, though!).

If you ever find yourself in need of someone to help you with any of these issues then don’t hesitate to call Aquaman Pools LLC at (480) 243-7665!


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