Ditching the Pool Algae: How to Spot and Destroy It!

If I told you that algae is among the most regular disorders of pool owners, I’m convinced this would come as no real surprise to you personally. Alga is not pretty, and it causes many a pool owner and friends to stop spending time in the pool.

So is all alga the same? Do you treat all alga in the same manner and, more to the point, can you eliminate the ugly stuff? Let me respond to that first question. Is all alga the same? In a nutshell, no.

There are really over twenty thousand species of algae known to mankind, with an estimate of considerably higher numbers. Just a tiny fraction of these species, nevertheless, are seen in swimming pools. And it definitely has a look that is unappealing. The most typical pool forms of algae are mustard algae, black algae, blue-green algae, and green algae. Pink alga or red algae-like organisms may be discovered, but are actually bacteria.

It leads to some pretty putrid odors if left unchecked. Black alga, which is less easy to restrain than green or blue-green algae, may also stain the walls and flooring of the swimming pool.

Ok, so you understand just a little bit about alga now. If you don’t want to hire someone, then let us talk about the ability to remove it and the best way to overcome it immediately when it does crop up.

The prevention is consistently better than trying to treat algae.

Super-chlorination, or “shocking” pool water, prevents muddy water, chlorine smell, and eye and skin irritation and is additionally recommended in your prevention routine. Shock treatment with an algaecide or chlorine is advocated by many. Keeping appropriate sanitizer levels, superchlorination and shock treatments will help prevent alga.

One of the top methods to stop alga is with a phosphate removal compound or a rockin’ algaecide. Algaecides help, as they drift into the pool, to kill airborne spores.

By moving forward with all these preventative measures you will keep unsightly algae from destroying your pool experience. By remaining on the offensive you’ll be able to enjoy more hours inside your pool as opposed to constantly working to keep it looking good.


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