Draining the Pool Versus the Aqua Touch Pool Purification System

Aquaman Pools LLC isn’t just dedicated to pool service, maintenance and repair — it’s dedicated to all those things while striving to be as environmentally friendly, water conservative and pure as possible when it comes to its chemicals and cleaning processes. That’s one of the reasons why it offers the unique Aqua Touch Pool Purification System, which serves as an alternative to draining a pool. The Aqua Touch Pool Purification System is designed to not only conserve water, but save pool owners time and money versus draining the pool.

While it doesn’t need to be done on an annual basis, pool owners will often find themselves in a position of needing to drain their pool every three to five years. Pools sometimes need to be drained for repairs or remodels; if the water reaches unsafe chemical balances; due to dry climates (which can create “hard water” within the pool if the water level dips too low and chemicals become unbalanced); or high TDS (total dissolved solids) levels, which can interfere with the pool’s chemicals and cause the water to become cloudy or unsanitary for swimming.

The problem with draining a pool is that it can result in a loss of huge amounts of water waste — upwards of 20,000 gallons! Draining a pool can also take two to three days and chemical costs can range between $200 to $300 each year. Without the use of a system like Aqua Touch, a pool will likely need to be drained approximately every 12 years for a new interior surface, which can cost upwards of $8,500. Draining a pool can be very draining on the budget too!

Using a high-pressure, multi-membrane reverse osmosis technology, the Aqua Touch Pool Purification System makes pool water so clean and safe, “you could drink it.” The process removes impurities and toxins from the water while also reducing the amount of chemicals required to keep it that way — and even reduces wear and tear of pool equipment and surfaces, therefore lengthening the life of these items. The process only takes a matter of hours and instead of wasting water, the pool’s existing water is actually channeled and purified through the advanced system housed in a truck (that comes right to the home for the service!) and is then directed back into the pool — with very minimal waste.

Aquaman Pool’s Aqua Touch Pool Purification System is a great alternative to draining the pool in many ways. Those that have additional questions about how this system works are encouraged to contact a staff member at Aquaman Pools today!


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