Easy, Budget Friendly Ways to Upgrade an Existing Pool

For those with an outdated pool or backyard, it’s perfectly possible to upgrade an existing pool with some easy upgrades that don’t require an entire overhaul to get the look and feel of an entirely new backyard sanctuary. Aquaman Pools LLC offers from easy ways to get an updated look without breaking the bank… as well as a few more in-depth ideas that can give the backyard an entire new look.

New Cool Decking — Cool decking around the pool has a lot to do with the overall look and feel of a backyard. To update an existing pool area without a huge financial commitment (such remodeling the pool itself), new cool decking can provide a fresh look. For those handy homeowners, resurfacing a cool decking can even be a DIY project. Some cool trends in cool decking include stamped concrete, clean lines and angular shapes.

Pool Surface or Tiles — For those in need of a fresh pool surface or tiles, there is a whole world of design options in this area. Whether looking for a Pebble Tec bottom, additional built in ledges or lounge areas, or a dark interior surface, the sky’s the limit when it comes to updating a pool’s overall look — and function — through surface and tiles. Worth noting — dark surfaces are known to help the pool retain heat for those that prefer warmer water!

Lighting —  Added pool lighting is another cool way to update the look of a pool — especially at night! The even better news is that smart lighting options abound, giving pool owners’ a whole new look through lighting while also providing money-saving technology.

New Furnishing — Due to the intense summer sun, outdoor furnishings can take a beating, even if sun protected materials are used. For those that want to update the ambiance surrounding, fresh seating, couch or lounge chair cushions are an easy way to accomplish this without spending too much money. Some fun ideas also include hammocks surrounding the pool, pool furnishings that can be placed in the pool’s lounge area, and a large umbrella to provide shade when needed.

Adding a Water Feature — A natural looking slide for the kids, a soothing waterfall, lagoon-style rock wall, or gorgeous sheet fall or rain wall can all result in a totally new look for the pool — and the backyard itself. Depending on the existing style of the pool and the desired addition, water features can be added without a huge expense. Be sure to speak to a professional and have a budget in mind when pursuing this option!

Pump up the Music — Adding underwater speakers as well as above ground speakers around the pool area ensure the pool party never stops — even when taking a dip. Music is a great way to set the mood for any get together and the proper speaker systems are a great way to amp up a backyard oasis.

Hue Overhaul — Color can make all the difference when it comes to changing up a pool area. From bright and colorful to muted tones to clean crisp white, color can even determine the ambiance of the backyard. 

Minimalist Landscaping — Landscaping around the pool is important to consider — check out Aquaman’s blogabout the best and worst type of vegetation around the pool. When updating or adding plants and trees around the pool, it’s best to choose ones with very little shedding or flowering to avoid all that droppage falling into the pool and creating more work for the pool cleaners (that includes the equipment in the pool and the homeowner doing the skimming!).

When it comes to updating a pool Aquaman Pools professionals are happy to talk through ideas and make suggestions for homeowners based on their needs, desires and budget. Give Aquaman a call today and get one step closer to that dream pool!


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