Easy Tips for Keeping the Pool Clean in the Summertime

Easy Tips for Keeping the Pool Clean in the Summertime


Between monsoon storms blowing debris and dirt into the pool and warm water encouraging algae, keeping the pool clean during the summer can seem like a challenge to a pool owner. But Aquaman Pools’ professional pool technicians offer some easy tips to keep the pool clean in the summertime (without a whole lot of hassle).


Run the Pump — Running the pump for six to eight hours during the summer months is recommended to filter the water and keep it circulated. Well circulated pool water equates to healthy pool water. Stagnant water tends to attract algae, and when the water circulates it distributes chemicals throughout the pool, ensuring more balanced water.


Invest in an Automatic Vacuum — Pool owners may hesitate to purchase an automatic pool vacuum, but it is really one of the best investments they can make for the health and cleanliness of their pool. It’s a great time saver too!


Balance the Chemicals — Testing the chemical levels in the pool and adjusting as needed to maintain the balance of the water is another important way to keep the pool clean and healthy during the summertime.


Sweep and Skim — Even with the automatic vacuum, pool owners should brush the interior and skim the surface of the water at least once a week (and more after a monsoon storm). This ensures filters and skimmers don’t get overloaded. (And be sure to empty the baskets!)


Don’t Let Debris Hang Around — If dirt and debris that gets blown into the pool during a monsoon storm drifts to the bottom and hangs out there, it can not only disrupt the chemical balance of the pool, it can stain the interior surface. Once the storm has blown through, it’s a good idea to give the pool a good once over with the brush and skimmer, and then run the vacuum.


Keep the Water Level Consistent — Consistent water level (at about midline of the pool skimmer entry) is the ideal level for the pool. If the water level dips too low, the skimmer will begin to draw air into the filter system which can ultimately burn out the pump’s motor. If the water level is too high, the skimmer can’t catch the debris floating on top. So just like Goldilocks, it needs to be just right.


Aquaman Pools encourages pool owners top keep on top of these easy tips to keep their pool clean and healthy all summer long. Or better yet, let the experts at Aquaman Pools do it!


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