Easy Tips to Set the Stage for a Relaxing Backyard “Staycation”

Pool weather is almost here and after nearly a year into pandemic, many people have realized one of the benefits of “staying at home” when possible. Taking the time to slow down and enjoy one’s own domain does have some perks! For pool owners that are gearing up for some relaxing spring and summer days spent in the backyard and in and around the pool, Aquaman Pools LLC offers some easy tips to stage outdoor areas for relaxing backyard staycations any day of the week!

Have a Seat — Seating areas and lounge chairs are an important part of gathering and relaxing around the pool. Consider grouping seating areas — for example, a small bistro set (table for two, anyone?) a coupling of lounge chairs under a large sun umbrella, a stand-alone hammock, or a good old fashioned porch swing (which have evolved into some very cool, modern styles, by the way!). These separate seating areas encourage intimate conversation amid some serious relaxation.   

Float On — Is there any greater warm weather joy than setting sail on a large float, cold drink in hand? If there is, don’t say! Floating atop perfectly crystal clear pool water under the sun can transport homeowners into their own little vacation vibe without ever leaving home. How great is that. The options when it comes to pool floats are nearly endless — from the creative (and a little crazy!) giant inflatables in varieties from unicorns to pizza slices to floating “seats” and ones that feature their own coolers so beverages are always at arm’s length. 

Bring the In, Out — Extend the space of the home interior and bring the indoors out by creating an inviting and comfortable outside living room, complete with comfy couches, outdoor lamps, a rug and coffee table or a central fire pit. 

Sounds Good — The sounds of rushing or falling water can create a very soothing atmosphere. Whether that means a feature such as a rock waterfall, a rain wall or even a small portable fountain to complement the pool area, water movement is an integral part of making the backyard a calming and relaxing space. 

Go Green — Adding lush greenery that evokes thoughts of the tropics is another easy way to create a relaxing “vacation style” environment in one’s own backyard. Dwarf palm trees, hibiscus plants and other colorful blooming foliage can create a visually stunning atmosphere. Just be sure not to plant anything too close to the pool, as dropping leaves and flowers can weigh heavy on pool equipment and even disrupt the delicate balance of healthy pool water.

When creating a relaxing backyard setting for an anytime staycation, a clean and healthy pool is vital! The professional pool technicians at Aquaman Pools LLC are always on hand and standing by, ready to take on the task of caring for any Valley pool! 


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