Easy Ways to Conserve Water In and Around the Home

Oftentimes, homeowners are looking to save — from lowering bills to save money to conserving resources to save the planet. In the name of conservation, Aquaman Pools LLC offers some ways that homeowners can save water in and around the home.

There are a dozen (or more!) easy things people can do throughout their daily routine at home to help conserve water. Consider taking a shower instead of a bath (which can save nearly 50 gallons of water!); shutting off the faucet while brushing teeth and only running the dishwasher when full and running the washer and dryer with only full loads. Running these, along with pool equipment and vacuums, lawn sprinklers and more, during off peak hours can also help conserve energy! Installing water-efficient appliances around the home is another great way to conserve water.

The addition of a swimming pool can be a source of water usage at the beginning. However, once it’s initially filled, it really shouldn’t contribute to a large amount of a home’s water waste. And rather than draining a pool, consider Aquaman Pools, LLC water-saving Aqua Touch Pool Purification System, which pumps out the existing pool water out, runs it through a high-pressure, multi-membrane reverse osmosis technology to clean it, and then returns it to the pool with very little water loss. This process alone can conserve more than 20,000 gallons of water every two to three years.

An easy way to repurpose water is collect rain water or even excess shower water in a bucket and use it to hydrate the garden, or use the water from backwashing to water salt-tolerant plants around the yard. Try to limit backwashing to only when it’s completely necessary, and check the pool for cracks, as drips and leaks can add up to big water waste over time. There are other things pool owners can do every day to limit water loss including not overfilling the pool (a lot of water is lost through pool play and splashing), keeping the water level consistent, clearing the pool filter basket, and keeping the pool clear of debris to put less strain on the filter, which can also add up to water savings.

Conservation not just of water but of all resources is important for saving homeowners money and for saving the planet for future generations. When it comes to conservation, pool owners can do their part with just these few simple tips while still enjoying their swimming pool.


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