Easy Ways to Keep Pool Water Clear

A crystal clear pool is not only a beautiful part of an aesthetically pleasing backyard oasis, it’s a sign of healthy pool water. Aquaman Pools shares a few easy tips for how homeowners can achieve clear (and clean!) pool water all year round.

Skim and Sweep — No one wants to look outside to see leaves and debris floating along the surface or dust settling at the bottom of their pool. Depending on what time of weather conditions the pool must endure and how much organic load falls in due to wind or dropping  leaves/foliage surrounding the pool skimming could be an everyday “to-do” — or at the very least, a weekly chore. Skimming the water free of debris makes it easier on the filter and also gives the water’s chemicals a breaks because part of their job is to break down the contaminants that get into the pool and can mess with the chemical balance. A regular surface skim, along with sweeping dust loose off the bottom and interior walls of the pool with a pool brush, for the vacuum to easily grab can ensure crystal clear water.

Empty the Baskets — Emptying the skimmer basket on a very regular is important, but there is another basket that shouldn’t be skipped! The pool pump’s hair and lint trap (inside the clear lid of the pool pump) should also be emptied every few weeks so it doesn’t get overloaded and cause problems to the entire system.

Keep Water Levels Consistent — Maintaining the pool water level to be level with the pool skimmer (often generally right in the middle of the tile line) can ensure the skimmer can effectively do its job, and can also help the pump work more efficiently too. If the water is too low, the pump can actually run dry and burn out. If it’s too high, the skimmer can’t grab the debris floating on the surface. So homeowners should keep an eye on water level to ensure clear water.

Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize — Clear water is a sign of clean water. And one of the best ways to keep the pool water clean and healthy is to sanitize it with regular and consistent distribution of chlorine. A chlorine float stocked with a few tablets of chlorine make easy work of this task.

Maintain Chemical Balance —  The delicate balance of proper chemical levels is vital for clear (and clean!) pool water so make sure those levels are where they should be.

Aquaman Pools encourages homeowners to take the time to follow these steps to ensure healthy clean and clear pool water. Short on time? Aquaman Pools is happy to take on the task — just pick up the phone and call!


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