Enjoying the Backyard in the Off-Season

Enjoying the Backyard in the Off-Season


Many people, particularly in the valley, cherish their backyards in the summertime thanks to the cooling reprieve of the pool and the entertainment that it provides. When pool owners and families aren’t spending as much time in the pool in the fall and winter, they may not spend as much time in their backyards. But the backyard is a great place to enjoy some family time or time with close friends during when it’s not over 100 degrees! Aquaman Pools shares five fun ways to enjoy the backyard even without a dip in the pool.


Tend to a Garden — Gardening is not only relaxing it enhances the look and feel of the backyard. Tending to a garden can be a skill — and it takes a little research and experimenting to figure out which crops will grow best in what season, as well as how much to water each plant, how much sun/shade exposure each needs and so on. A trip to a local nursery can help first-time gardeners get a handle on what they might plant now to reap the benefits in a few weeks or months. Some people may have a natural green thumb, and it may take others a little while to get the hang of it, but gardening is a great hobby that the whole family can get involved in and a beautiful garden bursting with flowers or produce can enhance the backyard environment.


Cozy up by the Fire — A simple firepit or a more elaborate outdoor living room complete with fireplace can completely change the look and feel of the backyard and also expand the home, bringing more of the indoors out and the outdoors in. On a cool fall or winter evening, there is nothing more inviting than sipping a glass or wine or hot cocoa around a fire pit and enjoying the night sky. If the kids are around, why not roast up s’mores? Or nibble on a charcuterie plate for two during an at-home date night centered around the roar of the fire.


Grill up Some Goodness — Nothing brings people together like good food! And grilling is a pastime that really has no seasonal limits in the valley. So bring it on! Going back to that date night… get some delicious steaks, potatoes and asparagus going on the grill for a steakhouse dinner at home or invite the neighborhood and grill up some hamburgers and hot dogs for an old-fashioned style cookout… just make sure that firepit is going once the sun starts to set!


Get Sporty — Get in the game… but not the video variety for a change. Encourage the family to shut off electronics and get outside for some fun yard games. Think corn hole, croquet, bocce ball, put-put golf. A simple portable net can be the beginnings of a friendly volleyball, badminton or pickleball game. Spending time outdoors doing something fun with family, friends and loved ones truly makes the best of Phoenix’ most enviable weather. So enjoy it!


Even when not spending time in the pool, it should be maintained to keep the water healthy and to keep it looking sparkling clean and fresh. After all, the pool is often the central focus of many homeowner’s backyards so it should look like it’s ready to dive in… even when it’s “only” 70 degrees in the valley of the sun. Aquaman Pools’ professional pool technicians are happy to take the task of caring for the pool so homeowners can sit back, relax and enjoy their backyards whether they are swimming or not!


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