Essential Pool Supplies for a Sparkling Clean Pool

Essential Pool Supplies for a Sparkling Clean Pool

Keeping the pool clean and sanitized as the weather heats up can become more of a challenge. But with a few essentials, pool owners can maintain a healthy and crystal clear pool all year round. Aquaman Pools’ professionals share some “must-have” essentials for pool owners.

Telescopic Pool Pole, Net and Brush — Giving the pool a good sweep down and skim can help the pool look clean and clear all the time. If the pool is clear of overhanging trees and doesn’t get much falling foliage or debris, this may only need to be done once a week or so. If it is within dropping leaves and at the mercy of a windy day that can leave dust and debris behind, it may need to be done more often.

Water Test Kit or Strips — An easy way to ensure pool chemicals are balanced and the water is within range of all levels, a water test kit or strips are widely available at pool supply stores or online. Keeping on top of the pool’s chemical balance is important because once it gets imbalanced, algae or other bacteria can start to grow, which can make the water unsafe for swimming.

Chemicals — It’s also a good idea to have a supply of the standard pool chemicals on hand in case the pool water does become imbalanced.

Chlorine Float and Tabs —  A chlorine float houses chlorine tabs and distributes the chemical throughout the pool water. Tabs generally dissolve between two and five days, depending on the type. The chlorine tablets sanitize the pool water, so these are definitely essentials.

Automatic Vacuum — Maybe not “essential” but an automatic vacuum is a time saver and will keep the pool clean in between brushing and skimming. Be sure to empty the skimmer and filter baskets!

Pumice Stone — A pumice stone designed for the pool can help pool owners remove stains or calcium build-up around the pool and on the tiles. Make sure the pumice is intended for the material of the pool; sometimes a soft cloth with some cleanser is a better option to avoid scratching pool surfaces or tiles.

Finally, as the experts in all things pool service and repair, Aquaman’s professional pool technicians are a “must” when it comes to having the pool serviced! Highly skilled and trained, Aquaman Pools’ routine pool service includes a 24-point inspection process to ensure the pool is clean, healthy and safe for swimming. So save the hassle of pool care and call today!


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