Explaining How Calcium Hurts Your Swimming Pool

Calcium is something that is much needed by your pool in order to keep your liner in good shape, but many pools can suffer from having their calcium levels get too high. Certain areas actually see calcium being sold since you typically want to have a minimum of 200 ppm inside of your swimming pool. Still, here in Scottsdale and Phoenix the entire concept of adding in that calcium is a strange one since the fill water here already has a very high amount of it.

Typically in our area we see most people trying to figure out how to get all of the excessive calcium removed from their swimming pool, or we see people asking about the white line on pool tile. Calcium here ends up staining the liner, creates a thickness on the tile where the water line is, and starts to experience build-up inside of the pool equipment and plumbing. This can seriously reduce the overall life span of these things.

Since water evaporates in the pool, the minerals end up being left behind and build-up in the pool. This is why you most commonly see signs of this around the tile’s water line itself. When calcium ends up building up it starts sucking up the chlorine at an increased rate, which can cause your pool to look cloudy. It also increases your chances for algae.

One way many deal with this issue is by draining the swimming pool and starting over with more fresh water. Another way is to use a filtration system to recycle your pool’s water to remove the build-up of hard minerals. It really depends on where you live and what your pool guy recommends for your needs. If you live in the area and are wondering about your own pool’s calcium build-up, then please give us a call at (480) 243-7665 for Scottsdale and (602) 424-5700 for Phoenix.


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