Extending the Use of a Pool with LED Lighting

The pool doesn’t have to go to bed once the sun goes down! Night time swimming under the moon and stars is a fantastic way to spend an evening… but if the moon doesn’t quite provide enough light to get the job done, give Aquaman Pools a call — they specialize in LED lighting to take any pool lighting to the next level and extend the number of hours the pool can be used each day!

LED lighting is one of the most simple and coolest ways to not only extend one’s use of their pool by making it more swimmable at night, but also to add ambiance and beauty to any backyard oasis.

Aquaman Pools is not only a professional pool cleaning service — the company provides all sorts of pool equipment and services, including adding special lighting to change the entire atmosphere of one’s back yard with one simple trick — lighting!

LED lighting has a number of benefits besides adding beauty to a backyard and making the pools swimmable 24 hours a day! Without the use of filament, LED lighting employs electrical currents that pass through a microchip causing illumination. They are brighter and longer lasting than traditional bulbs, and have energy-saving and cost-efficient factors to consider as well! Win-win!

Now let’s talk color! Aquaman can change the ambiance of any pool with LED lighting in an array of colors. The installation and set-up of this state-of-the-art lighting can reignite the life of a pool, with colors that can change from blue to green to purple to pink for an entertaining backyard “light show” any night of the week!

LED lighting brightens up the pool with color but also white lighting so it’s great for nighttime swimming, adding a special glow to a hot tub or simply for ambiance while enjoying one’s backyard with family and friends during a summer BBQ or winter dinner al fresco by the fire pit.

For those that are looking to take their backyard ambiance to the next level this year without breaking the bank, LED lighting is just the thing! Aquaman Pools services residents around the valley and would love to illuminate any of these pools with the cool effects of LED lighting! To get a quote or a consultation, give Aquaman Pools a call and let the professionals take your swimming pool to the next level with LED lighting.


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