Fall Pool Preparation Tips

Believe it or not, fall will be here in just a matter of weeks. And while the arrival of September 22 might not immediately bring with it cool temperatures, falling leaves and pumpkin spice (actually, scratch that last one, pumpkin spice is already making its appearance!), the fall season does make a difference when it comes to caring for the swimming pool. Aquaman Pools LLC offers some easy tips for transitioning summer pool care to fall pool care.

Continue a Regular Cleaning Routine — Debris making its way into the pool due to a windy day or fall foliage dropping into the pool can wreak havoc on a pool’s systems and filter equipment. So it’s vital to be vigilant about cleaning, skimming and vacuuming the pool throughout the fall. On a regular basis, empty the skimmer basket, skim the surface of the water with a net, and check equipment to make sure it’s not getting bogged down with organic load — leaves, pods, and flowers that may shed into the pool come autumn. Cleaning out the filter can help keep it running more efficiently in the long run and  vacuuming also helps keep the water chemically balanced, both important when it comes to saving time and money on pool maintenance.

Maintain Chemical Balance — While swimming pools need extra attention in the summer to keep algae at bay (which tends to grow and spread more easily in warm weather), the pool water still needs to be tested and chemically balanced throughout the fall. Keeping up with regular weekly or perhaps cutting back to bi-monthly service can help ensure the pool water stays balanced, even if it’s not in use as often as in the summer months. Talking with the pool service company that cares for the pool about the regularity of fall pool maintenance is a good idea.

Consider a Heater — The swimming pool’s usage can easily be lengthened well into fall with the help of a heater.With the valley’s temperate fall weather, swimming can continue throughout October and maybe even November (for those that are on the verge of being in the Polar Bear Club!) without a heater. However, swimming into late fall might be a lot more comfortable in heated water! There is definitely a wide range of options when it comes to heating the pool including solar as well as in-ground heaters. For tips about heating the pool most effectively, call Aquaman Pools!

Cover it Up —  Most valley residents don’t cover their pools, but pool covers do have some advantages. For those that travel extensively during the fall and winter, covering the pool can help keep the water clean and clear of dust, debris, bugs, leaves and more than can lead to dirty water while homeowners are away. A cover can also help retain the water’s heat so the pool is ready to go once the weather starts warming up in the spring.

Regardless of the season, regular pool maintenance is important. For pool service needs all year round, give Aquaman Pools a call!


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