Five Cool Ways to Deck out the Backyard for Fall

Fall in Arizona is one of the most beautiful seasons to enjoy the outdoors. While the family might not be spending as much time in the pool, it can still serve as part of the ambiance while gathering with friends and loved ones for dinner al fresco or curling up around the outdoor fireplace. Today’s backyards are a further extension of the home and are the perfect place to gather on a fall day. Aquaman Pools professionals suggests five cool ideas for decking out the backyard for fall.

Get Cozy — Create an outdoor seating environment that is as comfortable and inviting as the indoor living room. With today’s cushy couches designed for the outdoors, the backyard will become the family’s favorite spot for hanging out and relaxing. Complete the look with decorative yet functional pillows, throw blankets, an outdoor rug, a coffee or bistro table, and even lamps. A soothing outdoor space can be developed with the use of monochromatic white hues, while a fun and festive look can be created with pops of vibrant colors such as teal, yellow and red.

Outdoor Dining Rooms — As outdoor kitchens have expanded beyond simply a grill to include full ranges, pizza ovens, wine fridges and more, outdoor dining rooms, with community-style banquet tables or traditional dining tables have become more popular. Fall in the valley provides the perfect weather for cooking and dining al fresco.

Warm it Up — Outdoor fireplaces, firepits and heaters can extend homeowners’ time spent outside throughout the fall and well into winter, particularly here in the valley. There are a variety of styles and customizations for nearly any backyard environment and an outdoor fireplace or pit creates a central place for families and friends to cozy up on chilly fall nights.

Grow a Green Thumb — Expansive edible gardens are one of the hottest outdoor trends this year. A garden is source of beauty and nourishment, and developing a green thumb is something many outdoor enthusiasts take great pride in. A garden bursting with produce of the harvest is a beautiful way to enhance a backyard all year round.

Let it Glow — A cool outdoor environment is enhanced by proper mood lighting! Twinkling lights strung through the trees, a color changing LED in the pool and other subtle lighting choices, such as those aforementioned lamps, can light up the night without being too bright or intrusive.

Even though the pool may not be getting as much use throughout the fall and winter season, it still serves as an important part of the backyard’s aesthetic. It’s important to keep a clean and healthy pool all year round — and it’s much easier to simply maintain the pool water’s chemical balance than it is to try to restore it once pool season comes back around. Aquaman Pools encourages homeowners to get outside this fall and enjoy their backyard beyond the pool. And for those that are in need of service or a repair, Aquaman Pools’ professional pool technicians are happy to handle the job!


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