Five Reasons to Hire Aquaman Pools Today!

Calling all pool owners! For those that have been on the fence about hiring a professional pool service company to maintain their pool, Aquaman Pools has five solid reasons to make the decision once and for all. And of course, all valley pool service companies are not the same! Aquaman Pools prides itself on standing out above the rest. Need more convincing? Read on…

1. 24-Point Inspection Process — Aquaman Pools is determined to provide the very best customer service and high-quality pool care with every visit. In fact, the company has a unique 24-point inspection process that is guaranteed with every visit. Aquaman’s professional pool care technicians will ensure the pool is as clean as possible using the minimum amount of chemicals.

2. Comprehensive Pool Service — Customers can count on a job well done with every service including:

  • a test and balance of water
  • pool equipment check
  • addition of chlorine soda ash, bicarbonate, muriatic acid as needed
  • cleaning the skimmer baskets and pump baskets
  • making seasonal adjustments for timer box settings
  • checking the filter/filter pressure and cleaning/backwashing as needed
  • brushing steps, landings, tile and pool sides
  • skimming the pool surface
  • vacuuming the pool as needed


3. The Customer is King — At Aquaman Pools, customer service is extremely important. The staff and technicians are always here to help, answer questions, set up additional consultations for potential repairs or upgrades. Aquaman Pools treats its customers like family and works tirelessly to ensure their customers are happy and satisfied. If there is an issue, Aquaman Pools will work to fix it.

4. Proof of Every Visit — Oftentimes, pool service companies report servicing the pool… but can they prove it? Aquaman Pools can. As part of the completion of the service, the Aquaman Pools’ technician that performed the weekly service sends the customer a complete summary of the service including time of service, chemical readings, service checklist, and status of weather conditions, swim safety and water level. Along with the summary, a timestamped photo of the pool is included.

5. Happy Staff — Aquaman Pools believes in not only treating their customers like family but treating their staff members like family, too. Aquaman Pools wants its employees to enjoy a work-life balance and to provide them with the proper training and development to not only excel in their current position but to grow and expand within the company and beyond. The Aquaman leadership believes this is key to creating happy employees that want to work hard and do the best they can — and that results in clean, beautiful sparkling pools for Aquaman Pools’ customers.


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