Four Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Holiday Party

Four Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Holiday Party


It’s already December and generally those social calendars quickly fill up with parties celebrating the month’s various holidays. For those that are hosting outdoor holiday gatherings this year, Aquaman Pool’s professionals offer the following tips:


Light the Way — Ample outdoor lighting is important for setting the vibe of the party, but also for safety! This is a good time to ensure pathways are well lit so guests have a clear path to traverse. It’s also a fun opportunity to use the pool as an added light source with some cool color-changing light features. Twinkle lights on trees, around the veranda or along a pergola can also light up the night while enhancing environment. In addition to ambient lighting, add some light, warmth and ambiance with a fire pit or strategically placed heaters so guests can feel cozy as they mingle.


Check the Weather (And have a Plan B) — Most of the time Phoenicians don’t have to worry about the weather getting in the way of an outdoor party, even in the winter… but it could happen! Once the invites are out, don’t stress about the weather. If, as the event draws nearer, rain or a cold front threatens the vibe of an outdoor gathering, be sure to have a Plan B in place.


Create a Simple Menu — Holiday hosts can make easy work of the party menu with sharable plates such as charcuterie or grazing boards that allow guests to help themselves. Veggie platters and meat and cheese trays served with crackers or fresh crusty bread are widely popular and easy to either order or create at home. A “DIY” menu also ensures the host isn’t stuck in the kitchen all night and instead can enjoy the party too! Don’t forget the drinks! Create a beverage station with a DIY coffee or hot chocolate bar, set out some bottles of wine and a cooler for canned or bottled beverages and get the party started!


Clean the Pool — Since the pool is often a central focal point of a backyard, make sure it looks its best before the big day! Test the water and balance the chemicals a few days before, and on the day of the party, give it a good sweep, brush, skim and vacuum.


The staff members at Aquaman Pools wish all valley residents a very happy holiday season. For those that are hosting outdoor shindigs and need a little help getting their pools in sparkling clean condition, give Aquaman Pools a call!


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