Four Ways to Make the Pool Look Sparkling Clean Right Now

Aquaman Pools understands that homeowners want the swimming pool to fun, not a hassle! But the good news is, the more it is maintained on a regular basis, the better it looks — so it’s always sparkling clean and clear when homeowners and their guests are ready to dive in. Aquaman Pools offers four easy ways to make the pool look sparkling clean and clear right now!

  1. Empty the Filters — The filters baskets need to be emptied on a regular basis to ensure they don’t get clogged and more importantly that the pump doesn’t get backed up. It needs to be kept clear to ensure it works properly and that it doesn’t burn out, which can necessitate an expensive repair or the need for new equipment.
  1. Sweep and Skim — Going around the pool with the skimmer to get the leaves and debris off the surface of the pool is the first step to achieving a clean and clear pool. Once that chore is checked off, take a long steel-bristle brush and brush the sides and bottom of the pool to loosen up any dirt.
  1. Run the Vacuum — After step one and step two, the job is almost done! Now run the vacuum to get any last bits of dirt.
  1. Backwashing — Backwashing the pool is the process of reversing the flow of the pool water to get rid of contaminants that can collect in the pool’s filter. This process doesn’t take very long and the water should run clean once it’s done.

And voila! With these four steps, the pool should be sparkling clean, clear and ready to enjoy!

One of the best things a pool owner can do to keep their pool this way every day is to commit to regular maintenance. Testing the water to ensure chemicals and pH levels are properly balanced is another key to ensuring safe and healthy water for swimming. Naturally, Aquaman Pools’ professional pool technicians are well-versed in these skills and happy to take them off pool owner’s hands. So call today!


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