Get a Dedicated Cleaner Line When Your Swimming Pool is Built

People who haven’t yet built their pools often call to request that I share my opinion on some of their current plans to build their pool based on their chosen swimming pool builder. I happily share all of my thoughts as far as filters, controls, and pool pumps. However, I always wait and hope that they don’t ask about using an in-floor system for their pool cleaner. Why? Well, I’m not their biggest fan as they aren’t all that effective when it comes to actually cleaning your pool. If you feel the need to get one then please just make sure that you setup a dedicated cleaner line when the pool is built. You’ll be glad you did.

Seriously, I don’t know how many swimming pools that I’ve been asked to fix, and the pool’s owner asks me if we can install a normal pool sweep system because his super costly floor system isn’t doing the job he needs it to do. I’m usually told that it blows and pushes some stuff around, but doesn’t clean much.

The issue is that if you don’t have the dedicated cleaner line pipe under the pool when it comes time to switch, well…you’ll have to cut through the deck, drain your swimming pool, and get a hole in through the wall. Its either that or you run a pipe right over your pool deck. However, if you make sure that pipe is installed right when the pool is built, why, its so much easier to setup your pool sweep.

The theory of these in floor cleaning systems is a fantastic one, however they just don’t really work when it comes to actually helping to keep your pool clean.

When you get your dedicated cleaner line, it needs to be put in as near to the middle of the pool as it can be. The other end of it will just be capped and sitting on the pool equipment pad. By making sure you install this very affordable line when your pool is being built you’ll give yourself a fantastic option down the line. Ya know, when you can’t stand the floor system for your pool any longer. Maybe in the future these systems will work as intended, but for now, they just don’t.

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