Getting Active Beyond the Swimming Pool

For many people that use the swimming pool for fitness, the end of swimming season can deter their exercise routine. Aquaman Pools offers some fun ways to stay active beyond the swimming pool while enjoying the outdoors.

Bike or Hike — Arizona is home to a myriad of trails in the city and beyond. Whether looking for flat desert trails or challenging mountainous ones, there are plenty to be found. Do some research and then get out and enjoy Arizona while the weather is at its very prime.

Play Ball — Call a friend and hit the tennis court, basketball court or pickleball court! There are so many great one-on-one or small group sports that can be enjoyed this time of year. Even a friendly neighborhood game of dodgeball (which lends itself to social distancing!) can be a fun way to get active. 

Engage the Kids — Tag, anyone? In the age of COVID kids may not be gathering in big groups in the neighborhood to play. But that doesn’t mean they should be relegated to playing video games inside all day. Why not make a night of playing tag, hide and seek, or soccer in the backyard or doing a nature scavenger hunt? These fun old-school games are also a great way to engage the whole family.

Take an Outdoor Class — With the onset of cooler weather, many boutique gyms are taking their offerings outdoors! Why not enjoy a Pilates or barre class at a local park or outdoor shopping center? With a little research, fitness enthusiasts are sure to find a variety of options that take place outside.

Consider a Heater — Just because it’s not 100 (plus!) degrees out, doesn’t mean swimming season has to end entirely! There are many great benefits of swimming in cold water (check out our blog on this here to find out more). Die-hard swimmers may want to consider having their pool heated so they can continue their water fitness through fall and winter.

Even though the pool isn’t getting used as much as it may have been during the summer, the professionals at Aquaman Pools can still keep it sparkling clean and clear all year round. That way when swimming season returns, the pool will be ready for swimmers to dive right in!


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