Getting Ready to Open Your Swimming Pool – Part 1

With the days starting to get warmer and warmer, many people are looking forward to opening up their pool for the swim season. Some already are. There are some guidelines to keep in mind as you do this, though. There are some important things to make sure that you do, but its not as difficult as many might have you believe.

Step 1:
Take off your pool cover. If you have any debris sitting on the cover itself be sure to take them off with a leaf net or a blower if there’s a ton of stuff on there.

Step 2:
Have a solid cover? Be sure to pump off any standing water. If your pool cover has a hole you’ll end up pumping that water right out of the pool. Keep an eye out that you don’t drain the pool.

Step 3:
After you take the swimming pool cover off make sure that you clean it thoroughly. Leave it in the sun so it can dry out and then store it away.

Step 4:
Make sure to increase the water level so that it is at the correct level that it needs to be at.

Step 5:
If you used anything to guard your pool against freezing be sure to take them all off.

Step 6:
Did you forget/avoid cleaning out your pool’s filter when you closed it down for the winter? If so, be sure to clean it now before any swimming takes place.

Step 7:
Flip your pool’s equipment on. Your pump may or may not need a bit of a kick start to get it going. If it isn’t starting up right away try removing the lid to the pump (note: be very cautious with this as the air is compressed in the equipment) and use either a bucket filled with water or a hose to fill the pump up. After this immediately put the lid back on and turn the equipment on. You need to get rid of the air that has built up in the pool’s equipment and the plumbing. Remember that air will be compressed.

Stay tuned til later where we’ll cover the remaining 6 steps that you’ll want to keep in mind when opening up your swimming pool after a cold winter! If you need some help with all of this, be sure to find a pool company that puts their customers first!

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