Halloween Costumes – Swimming Pool Themed!

Halloween isn’t too far off now (some of us like to prepare early!). Have you been thinking about your costume? Are you stuck? Don’t worry, Aquaman Pools has you covered. We have some solid suggestions for you to take a look at below. Of course, they will be swimming pool themed…hey don’t knock this theme til you read below!

1) Chlorine Costume
This might be the simplest one on our list. To be chlorine all you need to do is make large letters either on some clothing or as large letters that you hang off your body. The letters are going to be CL, which is the symbol for the element chlorine, yea! You could also get some bloodshot eyes going, not to mention some nice green hair.

2) Michael Phelps Costume
Sure, we can’t all be as buff as Phelps, but you can certainly try to get a costume looking like him. All you need is an insane amount of medals to dangle from your neck, a swim cap, and uh…a speedo. If there’s one time you can wear a speedo it should be Halloween, after all!

3) Super Overprotected Swimmer Costume
I’m sure you’ve seen these guys. The one’s that take safety to the extreme when swimming a few laps. Ya know, complete with a mask and snorkel, a kick board, some swim fins, and all that jazz.

4) Synchronized Swimmer Costume
This is such an easy costume to pull off. You need, ideally, 2+ people. Throw on a swim cap with flowers and a swim suit that matches. Move around in a pack and do your swimming moves to some bad music. Score!

5) Pool Guy Costume!
My personal favorite for obvious reasons. 😉 Plenty you can do with this if you just think about it for a bit. However you decide to dress, make sure that you include a few things like a skimmer pole, a test kit, and things of that nature.

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