Holiday “Gifts” to Give the Pool this Season

Tis the season to be jolly! And to with gifting season in full swing… it’s time to start thinking about “gifts” for the swimming pool. Well, maybe it doesn’t need something wrapped tucked under the tree — the best gift pool owners can give the pool (and ultimately themselves) is a healthy pool! With a few little “gifts,” the pool can stay healthy and clean all year round. Aquaman suggests the following tips:

Check the Chemical Balance — Consistency is key when it comes to the chemical balance of a pool. So it’s important to check the water’s balance on a weekly basis, regardless of the time of year. 

Clear the Pool Filter and Baskets — The pool’s filter keeps the pool clear of bugs, debris, dirt and the dreaded algae. So it’s an essential part of keeping the pool water healthy and clean. Give it some love by clearing out the skimmer basket as well as the strainer basket at the pump on a routine basis. Depending on how much organic load drops into the pool from nearby trees and foliage or what type of dirt and debris blows into the pool thanks to inclement weather, this should be done at least every week or every few days. 

Maintain Chlorine and pH Levels — Chlorine is so important for the pool but too much can irritate swimmers’ skin and eyes, and too little won’t get the job done. So a balanced level of chlorine is vital to both the pool’s and swimmers’ health. It’s also a good idea to keep those pH levels balanced — the proper level should range between 7.4 and 7.6. If the water is below that, it could be too acidic which can be corrosive; if it’s above that, it could cause the formation of scales. So once again, consistency, and balance, are fabulous gifts to give the pool!

Skim and Scrub — Everyone and everything feels and looks a little better with a fresh wash and scrub! The same goes for the pool. Skimming the surface and clearing debris from the top of the water can help take a load off the filter and scrubbing the tiles can help deter calcium and scale build up. 

Maintain Water Level — Generally, ¾ of the way up on the skimmer’s interior face plate is where the water line should be kept. If it gets to low it can even cause the motor of the pool pump to burn out; if it’s too high, the skimmer might not be able to catch the surface debris. So just like Goldilocks, that ¾ height level is “just right.”

Hire a Professional Pool Service Company — For busy homeowners that don’t have time to care for their pool on a regular basis, the greatest gift they can give themselves and the pool is to hire a professional pool service company, such as Aquaman Pools, of course! Reputable pool maintenance companies that truly know all the ins and outs of pool service can really take a load off the pool owner. 

This holiday, don’t forget to “gift” the pool with everything it needs to stay healthy and safe throughout the season! With any questions, give Aquaman Pools a call!


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