How a Pool Leak Can Lead to Massive Water (and Money!) Waste

How a Pool Leak Can Lead to Massive Water (and Money!) Waste


The water crisis in the west is the spotlight right now — and for good reason. With Arizona lakes, such as Lake Powell and Lake Mead, at all-time lows and a drought, it is more important than ever to conserve water resources. However, even the most water conscious pool owner may not realize they are wasting precious resources if they have an undetected water leak in their pool. This isn’t only bad for the environment, it’s bad for pool owners’ budgets. A leak can cause them to literally be pouring money down the drain. The experts at Aquaman delve into the topic of water waste via leaks — and how to put an end to it.


Chad Nikkel, founder of Aquaman Pools, says pool leaks can lead to thousands of gallons of water loss per year. Pool owners may not even recognize that they have a leak in their pool. That’s why diligence and preventative maintenance is essential.


If pool owners suspect a leak, he suggests not only having a professional pool technician do an inspection, but having a plumber do one as well. These experts can detect leaks early on and put a stop to them before too much water it lost. Ultimately, this is great for water resources but will also help pool owners discover the secret to why their water bill has been inching up each month. In fact, that is one way to detect a leak even if pool owners don’t see any other signs. If the water bill is increasing without any other extra water use, a leak in the pool might be to blame.


Pool owners should also keep a diligent eye on the level of their pool water — is it decreasing much more quickly than usual? The summertime months will lend itself to some natural evaporation, but it shouldn’t be dramatic. Cracks in the tile or interior surface and wet spots in the landscape around the surface of the pool can also be signs of a leak in the pool. It’s also a good idea to check pool equipment to see if water is dripping or pooling around it.


The water crisis is crucial, particularly in Arizona. It’s important that pool owners do their due diligence to ensure they aren’t unknowingly contributing to the problem through a leak in their pool. The added benefit is stopping a leak early is that there will be less money wasted on too-high water bills. Need help determining if the pool has a leak? Give the experts at Aquaman Pools a call!


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