How to Clean the Pool After a Monsoon

Finally a little dust up in the weather! After last year’s “non-soon,” any semblance of a good summer storm is most welcome among Phoenicians. That said, a monsoon can also leave a lot of damage in its wake… and leave it behind in the swimming pool! So pool owners should take care to clean their pools right away after a monsoon to make sure there is no real damage and to ensure the chemical balance is intact to keep algae from blooming. Aquaman Pools offers some tips for cleaning the pool after a monsoon storm.

Sweep and Skim — After a monsoon storm, it’s very likely some unwanted debris like dirt, leaves and other miscellaneous items have ended up in the pool. A good skimming to remove these items along the surface is the first step. Next, sweep and brush the bottom and interior sides of the pool to loosen any dirt that has collected.

Empty the Baskets —  After a good haboob, a lot of debris can also end up in the skimmer and pump baskets. So check and empty these to avoid having them clog up. When these baskets get clogged, water flow is limited, which in turn makes the pump work harder. This can cause it to overheat and burn out… and lead to an expensive repair. So keeping those baskets clog free is actually a money saver too!

Check the Water Level — Keeping the water level consistent is an important aspect of pool maintenance that often gets overlooked. Proper water level is vital for circulation and filtration of the water through the pool’s system. The water line should fall right in the middle of the pool skimmer to allow for proper suction of debris.

Test the Water’s Chemical Balance — The pool’s chemical balance is a delicate thing! A monsoon can really wreak havoc on the water so it’s essential to check the water’s pH level to ensure water quality and health. Pool water that is unbalanced can quickly become unhealthy for swimming and also serve as a breeding ground for bacteria such as algae. So a quick home test (or a call to the pool professionals at Aquaman Pools!) can help ensure the water is clean, balanced and safe for swimming.

It’s also a good idea to check in and around the pool and its equipment to ensure there is no damage. Early detection of leaks, cracks or other issues is another vital aspect of pool care — and this is also something that the expert technicians at Aquaman Pools are very good at! So after a monsoon, or anytime, call Aquaman Pools for complete pool care and repair!


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