How to create a pool care routine


Taking care of the pool properly all year round can preserve the life of not only the pool itself but also the equipment and the resources needed to “revive” it for the next spring or summer swimming season. If the pool is maintained throughout the week, it will look great and always be swim-ready (for those Polar Bear clubbers out there!). This can seem like a lot of work, but it’s very manageable if homeowners create a regular pool care routine. Aquaman Pools LLC offers some ways to create one in with just a few easy steps.

Create a Habit — Just like flossing or getting to the gym, creating a habit takes commitment. Homeowners need to be dedicated to keeping their pools well-maintained. To help solidify this commitment, pool owners should schedule in their pool care. For example, every morning while enjoying their coffee or while watching the kids play in the backyard, they can skim the top of the pool of debris and empty the skimmer basket. However, it’s one thing to say something needs to be done on a regular basis and quite another to actually do it. So like any appointment or task, scheduling it into one’s day/week can help pool owners keep their commitment to a clean, crystal clear pool.

Break it Down, and Make it Easy — Figure out how often pool care should be done. For example, the aforementioned daily skimming of the pool might only need to be done every other day or every three days if homeowners don’t have a lot of dust, debris, or dropping flowers or leaves that litter the top of their pool (and eventually sink to the bottom, potentially clogging up pool equipment or causing other damage). Pool water should be tested about once a week to check that the chemicals are in balance, but backwashing should only be done when really necessary. Setting a daily or weekly reminder on the phone is an easy way to remember what needs to be done for the pool and when. With a new routine and a few reminders, pool care can easily become automatic.

Consider the Cost — Rather than thinking of routine pool maintenance as a hassle, think about the cost (literally and figuratively) of not properly maintaining the pool. From algae build up (which can lead to unsafe water for swimming not to mention unsightly appearance and even stains on the interior surface) to expensive repairs on pool equipment, the “cost” of not maintaining the pool can really add up. Keeping up with pool maintenance on a routine basis is really about reducing the hassle of pool ownership. 

Those that are really short on time or simply prefer to pass on the “hassle” of pool maintenance can call in the professionals at Aquaman Pools any time! Armed with skilled and knowledgeable technicians that can routinely clean and maintain the pool and also keep an eye out for potential problems, a service like Aquaman Pools can save time, hassle and even cost in the long run.



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