How to Create a Zen Outdoor Oasis

When it comes to summer time, kids running, giggling, jumping and splashing into the pool is a quintessential image that can easily be conjured up when thinking about summertime. But for those that prefer a little more relaxing (and perhaps quieter) poolside experience, Aquaman Pools LLC offers the following tips to create a soothing Zen outdoor oasis.

When remodeling or building a pool as part of a Zen backyard, consider how the pool will be used. If it’s mainly intended for lounging, consider a large lounge shelf with an umbrella, a beach entry or zero depth entry that continues to slope to the depth of the pool. A Zen pool should not only suit the functional needs of the pool owner, but also provide visual and/or audible elements. For example, soothing fountains, waterfalls, rain walls, and negative edges can all enhance the backyard’s overall look, and these features also provide the soothing sound of running water than can make the space feel very serene.

Landscaping is another important aspect of a backyard oasis. Homeowners can use plants, trees, flowers and more to resemble a favorite vacation spot, for example. However, it’s important to research what kinds of plants, trees will do best in the Arizona climate. A landscape expert can help advise and offer suggestions for recreating one’s own backyard vacation spot. For those that prefer minimalistic desert landscaping, beautiful succulents can add a lush and colorful look for a Zen result.

Furnishings are another way to help create a soothing outdoor environment. Consider comfort here as well as visual appeal with oversized lounge chairs, large comfortable cushions and sofa-style seating, for example. And choose the color palette wisely! Soothing blues and light greens can be mixed and matched or homeowners can select an array of hues within one color (light blues to deep navy for example). Pure white is also very aesthetically pleasing for a spa-like Zen outdoor oasis.

Naturally, a sparkling clean pool with crystal clear water is the final touch for a visually stunning backyard “getaway.” Homeowners can relax knowing that the professionals at Aquaman Pools can keep their pool water clean, clear and safe to enjoy in their Zen oasis!


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