How to Detect a Leak in the Pool

A worker welds plastic cover for water pool. Water pool cover replacement.

Maintaining consistent water levels in the pool is one of the ways to ensure a clean and healthy pool. However, this is sometimes easier said than done. If pool owners feel as though they are constantly refilling the pool, it’s a good indication that there could be a leak somewhere. The expert pool professional at Aquaman Pools shares how to detect a leak in the pool and what to do about it.

Naturally, decreases in water level is going to be the first sign that the pool may have a leak. There is always going to be some amount of evaporation, but rapidly decreasing water levels day by day is almost surely a sign of a leak. If a pool owner is refilling the pool more than normal, it’s time to take a look around to find the source of the leak.

Water spots around the pool are another sign that there is a leak somewhere in the pool or its system. If a pool owner notices damp or wet areas that haven’t been intentionally watered, those are another sign of a potential leak.

Cracks are a natural part of the pool’s aging process. However, these cracks in the pool’s interior surface or around the pool itself are a tell-tale sign of a leak. Oftentimes, smaller cracks can be sealed; however, larger or more problematic cracks might require the help of a professional to repair them. The earlier these cracks are detected and dealt with, the better — before major problems occur.

Another sneaky sign of a leak in the pool is an increase in the water bill. As pool owners are filling their pools more often due to a leak, that is showing up in the way of a higher bill. So watch that closely too. A sudden increase in the bill may be due to more water being used to keep the pool filled to the proper water level.

Off balance chemical levels is another way to detect a leak. If a pool owner notices they are adding more chemicals than usual to achieve balanced levels, it could be because a leak is washing away the chemicals being added.

Another indicator of a leak is algae blooming or discolored pool water. Both of these things can be attributed to unbalanced pool water, which once again might be because a leak is taking those chemicals right out of the pool before they have a chance to properly balance the water.

The professional pool technicians at Aquaman Pools are highly skilled in all types of pool service, including leak detection. For pool owners that suspect they have a leak in their pool, it’s best to let the professionals assess the situation to find and repair the leak as soon as possible.


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